Startup Portal is a cloud based platform for current and future entrepreneurs, startups and crowdfunding ventures designed to take your business from plan to profit.

Our Process

A business begins with the plan and financial tools for success – we help you shape and define both. Our process appropriately situates an entrepreneur to define and manage the business plan and avoid the pitfalls of getting buried in the details.

Building Your Plan

Fear, concern, time and resources setting up a startup seems to be a time honored badge of honor no longer! Startup Portal evolved from years of experience in capital raising, cash management, financial reporting, and managing the day to day.

Your call to act!

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Our Tools for Success

Whether sitting in your living room, an office or warehouse...we have never before had the ability to run a business on inexpensive cloud based software. Cloud based platforms allow for shared information, reporting and analysis by everyone....The advantages of setting a business up on the cloud: easy, affordable, great for collaboration, access to everything from anywhere, sync-up documents and websites etc.

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