Startup Portal principal Richard Leimbach is a CPA with experience as a CFO. In April 2012, he formed Carrollton Partners to provide public and private companies with advice on financial reporting, corporate governance, and funding. Startup Portal is the evolution of this commitment to business growth.

Our Story

When Richard launched Startup Portal in 2021, it was with a simple goal in mind - he wanted to help startups reach their financial reporting, accounting, and corporate governance needs at an affordable price point. Channeling over a decade of high-level experience, Richard now focuses on sharing his knowledge and putting emerging companies in position to raise capital.

Startup Portal is the natural extension of that.

As the CFO of a small publicly traded company, Richard knows the struggles of raising capital as a small business first hand. The first round of financing is just the beginning - organizations need robust, laser-focused financial projections and forecasts that take them to the second round (and beyond).

Take on the Future with Confidence

Leveraging the power of cloud computing, Startup Portal delivers expert-level financial insights at scale, maximizing the number of founders we can help while minimizing the associated costs. Led by Richard and his year of CFO experience, our team of professional accountants and bookkeepers take pride in delivering enterprise-quality results at a fraction of the price tag.

Startup Portal taps into cutting-edge 4th industrial revolution technology to provide the financial clarity, focus, and direction small businesses need to thrive. Don't let the lack of an in-house CFO and accounting team hold you back - use Startup Portal to reach the next level today.


In The Media


“Rick has been a real asset to our company as our primary outside accountant. He is accurate, reliable, and accessible when needed. Mr. Leimbach is well liked by our management team and Board and communicates complex accounting principles in layman’s terms. I highly recommend Rick to any small business looking to grow while maintaining good accounting practices.”

Jonathan Cohen, President & CEO of 20/20 GeneSystems, Inc.

"Being a small, one-person start-up, I couldn't afford to hire a CFO, but thanks to Rick I feel like I have one on call. He is incredibly patient, supportive and knowledgeable. No question is too small. He has helped me with everything from building financial projections, perfecting my business plan, and even coaching me for a pitch competition (which I won, thanks to Rick!). I would recommend him to anyone starting or growing a business. He will keep you on track, put you at ease, and genuinely care about your success."

Marsha Lynn Hammond, Founder & Creator of Dhremo Therapy

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