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Meet Richard J. Leimbach, CPA

Principal & CFO Advisor

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Who better to tell your organization’s story from a CFO perspective than someone who has been there?

Our principal, Richard Leimbach transferred his experience as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to form Carrollton Partners in April 2012. He now advises public and private companies with their financial reporting, corporate governance needs and helps to position them to raise capital and achieve the next level of success.


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“Rick has been a real asset to our company as our primary outside accountant. He is accurate, reliable, and accessible when needed. Mr. Leimbach is well liked by our management team and Board and communicates complex accounting principles in layman’s terms. I highly recommend Rick to any small business looking to grow while maintaining good accounting practices.”

Jonathan Cohen, President & CEO of 20/20 GeneSystems, Inc.

“I significantly rely on Rick’s experience as a former public company CFO with our financial reporting as well as capital raising strategy. We wouldn't be in the position we are right now without his guidance and friendship.”

Neal Holtz, CEO of GreenMo, Inc.

"Being a small, one-person start-up, I couldn't afford to hire a CFO, but thanks to Rick I feel like I have one on call. He is incredibly patient, supportive and knowledgeable. No question is too small. He has helped me with everything from building financial projections, perfecting my business plan, and even coaching me for a pitch competition (which I won, thanks to Rick!). I would recommend him to anyone starting or growing a business. He will keep you on track, put you at ease, and genuinely care about your success."

Marsha Lynn Hammond, Founder & Creator of Dhremo Therapy