Google Workspace: What is it?

Create a cloud-based interface like this, for your business, using Google Workspace. Google Workspace is Google Cloud’s intelligent, cloud-based productivity suite of business tools that enables teams to collaborate, iterate, and innovate together from anywhere in real time.

Cloud-Based Platforms

Whether you're sitting in your living room, an office or warehouse, we have never before had the ability to run a business on inexpensive cloud-based software! Cloud-based platforms allow for shared information, reporting, and analysis by everyone in your team. The advantages of setting up a business with the cloud are endless; it's easy, affordable, great for collaboration, gives access to everything from anywhere, allows synchronization of documents and websites, and more!

Online workspace

Find your emails, storage, documents, video conferences and much more all in one place with Google Workspace.


Get commercial insurance for your business through Cover Wallet to keep your company protected.

Time tracking

Tsheets and Harvest help you track time on any device to streamline payroll, send accurate invoices, and save thousands each year


QuickBooks Online is an accounting software program that can assist with managing sales and expenses, keeping track of transactions, sharing data, and much more.

Billing offers an easy way to create and pay bills, send invoices, and get paid faster.

Freelance services

Fiverr helps you connect with all kinds of freelancers to help get your business off the ground.

Event organizing

Easily plan, organize and keep track of events using Eventbrite.

Payment processing

Square provides all kinds of tools to help you accept and process payments, and run your business.