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Startup Portal is a cloud-based program that provides founders and small business entrepreneurs with the financial clarity and accounting services needed to reach the next level.

Our process: Financial clarity in 6 simple steps

We help small businesses with high-level financial insights, business story development, and monthly bookkeeping and accounting.

Understand your finances like a pro

A financial projection is an important document that projects revenues and expenses within a specific time frame, using internal data, external market analysis, and historical performance. While it's important for business owners throughout all stages of development, it's particularly significant in your earliest stages of growth. But without access to a dedicated accounting team, it can be difficult for new business owners to generate an accurate financial projection – which is why we created Startup Portal to make things easier for you.

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We specialize in financial projections in the following sectors, but that's just scratching the surface of who we are equipped to help!

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"We developed Startup Portal to take ideas and dreams to reality. Once you understand our process, our deliverable is a rock-solid financial model, however, our true deliverable is providing confidence to you and whomever is across the table."

– Rick Leimbach, Founder & CPA